Broadcaster’s view: Plastic war is set to define this decade

PUBLISHED: 12:00 22 September 2018


The 1910s and 1940s were defined by wars. The 70s had power shortages. The 80s the wars on drugs started.

In the 90s we fought a recession and on the turn of the millennium we battled the spectre of all our video recorders not working due to the Y2K bug.

I think the modern era will be defined by our war on plastic.

I’ll admit it, sometimes I forget my bag for life.

In some shops the cashier asks if I “need” a bag with such a tone I find myself apologising for not having room in my pockets for my weekly shop.

Thankfully someone is coming to the rescue.

In America an inventor by the name of Boyan Slat has created a massive scoop that will head into the Pacific Ocean and collect bits of plastic. It’s basically a poop scoop for the seas.

If you watched any of Blue Planet you’d have cried like the rest of us seeing a hermit crab trying to move into a Muller Fruit Corner pot or a clown fish trying to mate with a Fruit Shoot bottle.

They say that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish, which means in the future episodes of Blue Planet will have Attenborough narrating about the rare carrier bags he’s filmed.

That’s unless we can do something to save the sealife by fixing the plastic problem.

Some say we should use less but trust America to find a way we can still use plastic and fix the problem later.

The only problem with using a pollution scooper to fix the seas is that it won’t just scoop up plastic, it will also scoop up fish and kill them.

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