Your thank you messages to schools, teachers and children after a strange year

PUBLISHED: 12:45 01 August 2020

Logan Ford-Barns, Albion Primary School ARP.

Logan Ford-Barns, Albion Primary School ARP.


The end of the school year has come, but many parents and children have been left without the normal opportunity to say goodbye to the staff who have made such a big difference.

McKenzie, William Bellamy Primary SchoolMcKenzie, William Bellamy Primary School

In what has been a difficult year for schools due to the coronavirus pandemic, teachers and other staff have gone above and beyond to do their best for children in extreme circumstances.

Many parents and pupils have taken the opportunity to send a message to say thank you – to key workers and staff brilliant at putting their child at ease during lockdown, or who helped with homeschooling and reassured them on their return to classes. And, in return, school staff wish their pupils good luck for the future.

To my son’s teachers at Richard Alibon Primary School ARP.

DP6, Dagenham Park School.DP6, Dagenham Park School.

My son has special needs and his teachers at the ARP are amazing. My son’s name is Logan Ford-Barns; he is in the Rainbow ARP Class 1.

Thank you.

To Miss Ghai and Miss Hoad at William Bellamy School.

DP6, Dagenham Park SchoolDP6, Dagenham Park School

Thank you for making my first year enjoyable and with my homeschooling through virtual classroom during lockdown. McKenzie x

To DP6 leavers, Dagenham Park School.

We would like to thank you for being a wonderful year group.

DP6, Dagenham Park School.DP6, Dagenham Park School.

You’ve walked miles for your Duke of Edinburgh (and cooked successfully at camp!). You’ve run a brilliant sports day in the sun! You’ve sat in the houses of parliament and climbed 500 steps to the top of St Paul’s Dome. You’ve debated, got a microwave, been formidable in sports tournaments and impressive at The Old Vic.

But most of all you’re a year group with resilience and a unique energy that has seen you through lockdown and will see you through to university and beyond.

The future is so bright for you all, grab it with both hands (and never be a flea!). Good luck, we will miss you. Dagenham Park!

The DP6 team, Annalisa Smith, director of Sixth Form, Rosie Jukes - HOA13, Michelle Cotterill - HOA12, Jane Jn Baptiste - L1 coordinator and Monica Bini - learning mentor.

To year 11 of Dagenham Park School.

Dear Year 11, you are a fantastic year group and we are incredibly proud of everything you have achieved. You have grown and developed during five years and are ready to take on new challenges and achieve even more success.

You have taken part in school trips, sports fixtures and sports days, drama performances, debate mate, music performances and the Barbican box project to name a few! You have seized every opportunity with energy and enthusiasm which has ensured your success.

Above all you are a kind, caring and cohesive year group and it has been our pleasure to support you and watch you grow into wonderful young people.

We will miss each of you and wish you all every success in the future with everything that you do and remember you are always welcome to come back and visit us.

Best wishes from all the staff at Dagenham Park

Peter Hyett, Head of Achievement Year 11

To all our wonderful year 6 leavers at Parsloes Primary School.

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You have been a fantastic cohort this year and an absolute pleasure to teach.

Throughout the year, you have shown strength, determination and resilience to achieve your best in all situations.

It is with pride that we watch you move on to the next chapter of your lives, taking with you all of the skills and experiences you gained whilst with us; we look forward to hear about the successes you achieve moving forward.

We will always remember your time with us and will miss you dearly!

Always remember to reach for the stars and live your dreams; anything is possible if you believe in yourself!

Wishing you all the luck in the world at secondary school.

All of the staff at Parsloes Primary School

To Mr Lockwood and Mrs DT of Riverside Campus.

I would like to keep my son’s name out of the equation please. I think they will hopefully know who this has come from, but me and my son would like to thank a few teachers at Riverside Campus Secondary School

Mr Lockwood and Mrs DT, you are both outstanding teachers; you picked up straight away when my son was struggling and finally I didn’t feel like I was doing this alone as his mum which I’m truly grateful for. You didn’t just see my son as another number; you actually saw him as a person who had changed and was struggling. You worked with me, supported me and him so much, tried different ways of making him feel himself again and not this depressed boy he had become. You took time out of your own busy schedule to help and support him.

My son had gone, in a space of a few months, from a friendly happy boy, pupil of the year, sports leader, doing well in class and tests, happy to leave the house etc etc, to a boy who had lost his sense of purpose, a boy who couldn’t get himself out of bed. It’s a truly hard thing to see as a mum, feeling like you can’t get through to him. I tried the soft approach to then the crazy mum at breaking point (we all have those days, I’m sure).

The thing was, he wasn’t ever naughty, rude etc, but it got so bad with him I thought I’d lose my job because of having to take so much time off with him. The school were pushing for counselling but of course there is limited spaces, CAMHS had been contacted but still he couldn’t get the help he needed; this went on for about a year. Me, the teachers, doctors pushing to get him this support.

Then one day he broke down, I remember the day so clearly, I had just left the school after talking to Mr Lockwood. I was on my way to work and I got a call from the fantastic attendance officer (who was also working with us) saying I need to come back, he is fine, he is with Mr Lockwood but we think he needs to go to hospital – he had hit rock bottom.

He was fine physically!! CAMHS then came and see us.

But then Mr Lockwood and Mrs DT got him the counselling he needed.

We then got him on work experience which then he started to turn a corner. His counsellor couldn’t believe the change this had made to him; he finally had found a purpose again. He started to knuckle down as his GCSEs were fastly approaching. Mrs DT and Mr Lockwood got him extra morning catch-up on his subjects so he could achieve the grades he deserved; he was ready for these exams mentally anyway. Then lockdown came (crazy times).

In my eyes you were a great support to me and him and he wouldn’t be looking at doing any A-Levels in September if it wasn’t for you all supporting him, checking in on him everyday. You’re both lucky we have to social distance because you would of been getting an emotional hug from me (haha). Gifts just don’t seem enough for what you have done over the past few years, so thank you so much.

I’d also like to thank the two reception ladies who at one point knew who I was as soon as I spoke (haha), which was nearly every day, sometimes more a day; you both also gave him time or a hug, and that quiet place out the back when he had bad headaches or needed that five minutes out. He probably liked the biscuits out the back haha.

So thank you so so much for getting to know my son as a person, to then know when there was a problem; this could of been a totally different outcome if it wasn’t for you.

There were a few other staff involved obviously, as these teachers don’t get the final say, but if it wasn’t for them supporting and pushing for what he needed he probably wouldn’t be where he is today.

I hope you get to read this and know how truly grateful I am xx

To the staff at Rush Green Primary School.

I would like to say a big thank you for all the hard work you have done for my son and all the kids that have been at school whilst in lockdown.

You have done an amazing job making sure the kids felt safe and also felt relaxed whilst not being with their normal class mates and class teacher.

The headteacher always kept parents informed with video updates. So just a big thank you!

Ollie Mercer and family

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