Broadcaster’s view: Don’t believe what you see on the telly

PUBLISHED: 12:00 25 August 2018


I remember the days when most times I wrote in these pages I’d be talking about Brexit.

It seems strange that we talk about it less now because the big day is getting closer.

Just recently we heard farmers saying if we get a no deal Brexit we would find food shortages every August.

Is that really a problem? We also have health experts predicting a future obesity epidemic so we may have got lucky.

Some people still claim a motivation for the leave vote was a dislike of foreigners. I think I’ve found evidence to disprove that.

Take 81-year-old Freda Jackson. She complained to Thomas Cook claiming her holiday to Benidorm was ruined because there were Spanish people there.

What she was expecting, Benidorm is in Spain and that’s where they grow Spanish people?

There’s a chance she watched the TV show Benidorm and thought it would be just like that. I hope she never goes to ancient Rome after watching Gladiator.

Just because you see something on TV doesn’t mean you can expect the real thing to be the same.

If she goes to prison she won’t find it anywhere near as funny as Ronnie Barker’s Porridge.

In her complaint she said, “The entertainment in the hotel was all focused and catered for the Spanish — why can’t the Spanish go somewhere else for their holidays?”

Free movement in the EU means one day it’s possible all the foreign people will move to the UK. And if that happens she could finally go to Spain and get some peace and quiet.

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