Opinion: Brexit event without bells and whistles

PUBLISHED: 08:30 26 January 2020

Comedian and broadcaster Steve Allen queries the Brexit bells.

Comedian and broadcaster Steve Allen queries the Brexit bells.


How will you feel when Brexit happens in silence? For many that should be a good thing. Lots of people have been desperate to get Brexit done and even more have been begging for a bit of peace and quiet on the issue.

The soundtrack that will be missing is the chimes of Big Ben. The House of Commons decided it wouldn't stump up the extra dosh needed to get the bongs to mark the moment of Brexit. It's because Elizabeth Tower, as it is officially known (called Elizabeth but goes by Ben, how very modern), is currently being repaired.

It would have been £500,000 of taxpayers' money. If the reason you wanted Brexit was to stop wasting taxpayers' money it seems like a strange way to mark the occasion. It's akin to celebrating Brexit by giving away lots of fish to Norway.

Surely someone has a recording of Big Ben. It's quiet famous. Play that out of your phone speaker. If you need help with the technology ask a young person on a bus, they seem to be very gifted at using their phones to play things out loud.

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Boris Johnson's plan is to crowdfund the money. What I like about this idea is that he has effectively made Big Ben go private.

People accused him of wanting to do that to our health service but it was the clocks he was gunning for.

Some people say ringing the bells to celebrate leaving the EU would rub the noses of the 48 per cent who voted to remain in it, although seeing as we have earplug technology we could sort that.

Either way, there's no need to get angry about it.

But this issue has made people form two tribes who get mad at the other. Probably about 52pc to 48pc.

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