Barking great-grandmother celebrates 105th birthday

Great-grandmother Violet Jones celebrated her 105th birthday with a letter from the Queen today.

Violet, of Glenny Road, Barking, was born in 1907, the same year as the late novelist Daphne du Maurier and actor Laurence Olivier.

Her family put down her long life to daily portions of porridge with a touch of strengthening honey.

Violet said: “It’s all exiting. Everybody is lovely. I’m enjoying my birthday.”

Her elder daughter, Carol Marquis, 64, said: “She has porridge every day. She seems to enjoy it. It’s supposed to be good for you. “I put a bit of honey in it, it gives her a bit of strength.

“People are amazed she’s 105. They think she looks about 90, people can’t believe it.”