GALLERY: Remembrance day round-up across Barking and Dagenham

Hundreds assembled to pay their respects to the fallen at services across Barking and Dagenham on Remembrance Sunday.

In Barking Park, young scouts and cadets stood shoulder-to-shoulder with war veterans, united in silent contemplation.

Later, just before the eleventh hour, a large service was held at Dagenham Parish Church in memory of the fallen, after which the Dagenham Girl Pipers led a procession to the Royal British Legion.


St Margaret’s Church also held a service and residents who came to mourn those who gave their lives watched a march pass at Barking Town Hall.

Many of those attending services were with their children and, even if relatively untouched by conflict, were eager to pay their respects and pass on the ritual of remembrance to youngsters.

Andrea James, 38, of Stour Road Dagenham, said: “The kids should know that people have lost their lives for the country and they still continue to lose their lives.

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“It needs to be always important for the younger ones because nowadays they don’t have respect for anything and they need to realise what is going on because if it is not on your doorstep you don’t really notice it.”

Speaking at the Barking Park service with her son Eddy, nine, and daughter Elena, seven, she added: “I thought that this year the children are old enough to understand and they should come and see just to get an idea, I have never been before.”

Scout leader Scott Dobson, of Barking and Dagenham District Scouts, said: “The reason we are here is to mark our respect to the fallen and to mark our respect to those who are still serving.”

Ted Varey, from Dagenham, one of the last servicemen called up to join the first battalion of the Royal Anglian Regiment, said: “Basically (we are here) for all the people who gave their up their lives. My brother went away for five years and we never saw him for all that time.

“They went away for something which they all thought was right and I think we must keep remembering it.”

Mayor Anthony Ramsay, who attended services throughout the day, said: “The services were extremely moving and a very fitting tribute to the men and women who gave up their lives in two World Wars and in other conflicts, or have suffered as a result of these two wars together with their families.”

A day earlier British Legion members lowered their flags as a mark of respect as they joined a Remembrance service on the Heathway, Dagenham, as part of several poignant services held in the lead up to the main focus on Remembrance Sunday.

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