Thames View residents make plans for £165,000 local heritage project

Heritage campaigners and residents living near Creekmouth and Thamesview estate met last week to discuss how to spend £165,000 on a local history project.

The money comes from Transport for London who made a deal with Barking and Dagenham Council that they would offer compensation to demolish Welbeck chimney in River Road to made way for a new bus route to Barking Riverside.

The factory chimney, which was a historical artefact, was removed as part of numerous changes along River Road between July 2011 and February 2012.

TfL gave money on the provision it would be spent on heritage projects in the vicinity of the where the chimney once stood.

At last Wednesday’s meeting, representatives from Creekmouth Preservation Society and Thames View Residents’ Association and other groups who have formed the ‘Thames View Collective Voice’ shared ideas for how to invest the money.

Maria Williams, publicist for Creekmouth Preservation Society, explained some of the possibilities: “The priority is Farr Avenue shopping parade. We are thinking of pavement art where slabs have local history etched onto them. Then also doing something with the pillars of the arcade. We are also keen to have signage directing people to areas of local interest,” she said.

Another proposal is to build a model of the old Creekmouth village that was built in the 1850s.

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“It will be something for the children to come and look at,” said Mrs Williams.

A decision date from the council is yet to be given.