The mother of a woman who died in Chadwell Heath has questioned why her daughter was left on therapy waiting lists for over a year, an inquest heard.

Amarnih Lewis-Daniel, 24, tragically passed on March 17, 2021.

An initial inquest was held in September last year, which had to be adjourned due to further information being introduced.

At a pre-inquest review on July 29, led by HM senior coroner for east London Graeme Irvine, Amarnih’s mother Angela Lewis-Campbell raised concerns about the lack of treatment her daughter had received before her death, despite several outstanding referrals by the North East London NHS Foundation Trust (NELFT).

Amarnih had been referred by NELFT for autistic spectrum disorder (ASD), and having come out as a transgender woman in 2016, was on a waiting list to be seen by the gender identity clinic Tavistock.

She had previously been diagnosed with depression and anxiety as well as traits of personality disorder by her GP.

However, at the time of her death, she had been waiting for therapy for over a year, with her mother asking: “What was going on?”

“As a parent, that does concern me,” Ms Lewis-Campbell said.

A report by NELFT outlining its history with Amarnih was due to have been issued to Mr Irvine within 21 days of a prior pre-inquest review in May, but this had yet to be sent.

Mr Irvine ordered this be done within 14 days.

Ms Lewis-Campbell told the court: “I was there at most of those appointments, and when the referral was done, the assessment hadn’t taken place.”

“It was just left hanging in the system,” she added.

While telling Ms Lewis-Campbell that this was not the stage to be providing such evidence, he added that he wants to hear more of her experience at the full inquest as it is part of his remit to look at processes and see if they could be improved.

A provisional date in the week of September 26 has been given for the inquest to be held.

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