Today we’re launching Your Money Matters – a campaign offering practical advice and support as you grapple with a surge in the cost of living.

April is a key month because the energy price cap rise hits our pockets - costing households hundreds of pounds more per year. National Insurance contributions for many also increased this week.

Despite chancellor Rishi Sunak announcing a raft of measures to help people in the spring budget it’s clear we all face unprecedented financial challenges for months to come.

The worldwide energy crisis exacerbated by the Ukraine invasion, financial impact from the Covid pandemic, record inflation figures and a surge in the cost of food and travel means everyone will feel the pinch.

Senior group editor Michael Adkins said: "We're facing a perfect storm of increased costs at every turn but there is help out there for people who are struggling.

"Clearly this is a worrying time for many but we want to offer solutions, pointing you in the right direction if you need support and report on your successes and tips to overcome the crisis."

First of all it is important you understand the impact on you. To help work out your cost of living increase, try out this cost of living calculator.

In the coming weeks we will profile charities and organisations that offer both practical and emotional support.

We will shine a light on those affected most by increased costs.

We also plan to highlight areas where you can save money through offers in our newspapers.

We pledge to raise the profile of local businesses through our newspapers and websites.

We’re looking for single people, couples and families who are willing to share their monthly bills with us and be interviewed on a regular basis. We would also like to hear from charities and organisations offering support and businesses overcoming the odds to survive and thrive.

Please contact if you are willing to be featured as part of this series of articles.