An "unlucky" kitten thought to have been abandoned at a Barking hotel over medical concerns is searching for her forever home.

Sybil was rescued by ibis Barking staff earlier this month after being caught wondering around the carpark by the hotel's CCTV cameras.

The black cat has since been cared for by Scruffy's Angels volunteer Christine Fenwick in Chadwell Heath.

When Christine - affectionately known as Queenie - took Sybil to be neutered, the vet found a large cyst on the kitten's ovaries.

The volunteer told this paper: "She has been very unlucky, and really deserves a loving forever home.

"She may have been pregnant before being dumped, and the vet said her ovaries showed signs of 'wear and tear'.

"We had to keep a close eye on her after the operation, as she was wheezing, but now she's fully recovered and there are no concerns health-wise."

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Sadly, Sybil's owners did not come forward despite several adverts being put out.

Fellow Scruffy's Angels volunteer Katie Moore, who rescues pets from Dagenham and Havering, fears Sybil's health issues may have led to her being dumped.

"It may be that her owner knew she had the mass on her ovaries and didn't want to deal with it," Katie said.

"It's very sad, but thank goodness the ibis staff found her and contacted us."

Christine said the cat, thought to be between one and two years old, is "very sweet" but "quite shy and timid".

"She is a lovely cat who knows what she wants," she said. "She's got a little princess air to her.

"She would be perfect for a single person, who doesn't already have other cats, as she would find that very intimidating.

Christine, who used to work as a breakfast cook at the Royal Mail in Romford, has fostered cats for the past 28 years.

"I love everything about doing what I do," she said. "It's my passion.

"Looking after the cats and matching them with the perfect owner gives me such joy."

If you think you could offer Sybil a forever home, contact Katie Moore via the Scruffy's Angels Facebook group.