Passengers waiting for c2c trains have been surprised to find some festive twists on the departure board.

Commuters were forced to double-take after noticing their 6.50pm train to Southend Central included several unusual stops - including "Sleigh on Sea" and "Tinselbury Town".

Eagle-eyed passenger Robert Wares spotted the Christmas-y line-up as he waited for his train at West Ham.

Included on the list were "Tinselbury Town", "Elf Tilbury", "Santaford le Hope" and "Sleigh on Sea".

Posting his find on Facebook, Robert wrote: "I was waiting for my train at West Ham and it took me a minute to realise Tinselbury town doesn’t actually exist…"

Another passenger spotted "Upmincepiester" listed as a stop on a Fenchurch Street departure board.

Someone commented on Facebook: "All of these sound completely plausible as names of British towns."

Another wrote: "Love it, a bit of Christmas merrymaking."