London boroughs have the highest percentage of people who have not received all three Covid-19 vaccinations.

As of today - December 13 - anyone aged 18 and over is eligible for a third dose of the jab, assuming they had their second at least three months ago.

This came hot on the heels of the government announcing its ambitious booster drive, which aims to get everyone eligible jabbed before the end of the year in an effort to combat the spread of the new Omicron strain.

But figures from the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) show that eight of the 10 local authorities with the lowest booster uptake are in London.

Our analysis shows which areas in the capital have the highest proportions of over-18s who are yet to receive their third Covid-19 vaccine.

All recordings were taken on Saturday (December 11).

Tower Hamlets

With just 18 per cent of people aged 18-plus fully vaccinated, Tower Hamlets has the lowest uptake of any local authority in the UK.

This means 211,251 people of the 257,920 eligible in the borough are still to receive their third dose.

The latest data from the UKHSA indicates a total of seven confirmed Omicron cases in Tower Hamlets - plus a further 27 suspected cases.


Neighbouring Newham has the second worst take-up rate, with just 22pc of the borough's 268,752 over-18s being triple-jabbed.

The most recent statistics published revealed a total of 18 confirmed Omicron cases in Newham - plus a further 34 suspected cases.


In third place, Hackney's uptake is 23pc.

As of December 11, only 50,025 people had received their third vaccine leaving 167,088 eligible people outstanding.

Recent UKHSA findings confirmed a total of 13 confirmed Omicron cases Hackney and City of London.


Ranked 4th worst of London's 32 boroughs with respect to vaccination rate, the analysis found that 25pc of the eligible population in Westminster have had their booster jabs.

This equates to a total of 55,162 people.


Like Westminster, a quarter of Islington's over-18 population are fully vaccinated - 50,438 out of 204,883 people.

As of a week ago, there were five confirmed cases of Omicron in Islington - plus a further eight suspected cases.

Barking and Dagenham

Completing the boroughs with a 25pc uptake, 38,216 people have received a third vaccine in Barking and Dagenham.

The latest data indicates a total of eight confirmed Omicron cases in the borough - plus a further 47 suspected cases.


Of Camden's 225,416 people, 27pc (59,887) have been fully vaccinated against the virus.

However, it has the seventh highest percentage of any local authority in the UK yet to receive their third dose.

At the beginning of last week, seven cases of Omicron had been confirmed in Camden - plus a further eight suspected cases.

While the above boroughs are all among the 10 least vaccinated nationwide, other London boroughs still have a considerable percentage of their eligible population awaiting a third jab.


The uptake is higher in Haringey, with 29pc of those eligible jabbed for a third time.

While 59,693 have received their booster, 147,206 people are still to be fully vaccinated.

According to the most recent data, Haringey has a total of six confirmed cases of the variant Omicron - plus a further 21 suspected cases.


In Redbridge, 32pc of the borough's eligible population have received three Covid-19 vaccines.

This equates to a total of 74,092 boosters being administered, while 155,119 people remain outstanding.


From the 249,872 eligible people in Brent, 79,533 - 32pc - have been vaccinated three times.

The latest data indicates a total of 13 confirmed Omicron cases in borough - plus a further 11 suspected cases.


In Barnet, 39pc of the eligible population have received the three jabs.

This equates to 117,208 people, meaning 187,110 are still waiting.

The latest information published by the UKHSA indicates a total of nine confirmed Omicron cases in Barnet - plus a further 14 suspected cases.


Havering has one of the highest numbers of vaccinated over-18s of any London borough, with 42pc - 85,344 - of the eligible population already fully jabbed.

The latest data indicates a solitary confirmed case of Omicron in the borough, though there are 22 suspected cases.