New data has revealed the number of complaints and allegations made against the Met Police in 2020/21.

According to statistics published by the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC), a total of 8,375 complaint cases - and 17,135 allegations - were logged over the past 12 months by Scotland Yard.

The most common allegations - a complaint may involve more than one - related to delivery of duties and service (7,860); police powers, policies and procedures (4,894); or individual behaviours (2,081).

The complaints total amounts to 184 cases per 1,000 Met employees, well below the average for all police forces in England and Wales of 290.

The Met is by far the largest police service in England and Wales, with more than four times as many officers and staff as the next largest service in Greater Manchester.

Commander Paul Betts, from the directorate for professional standards, said: “The Metropolitan Police Service has nearly 45,000 officers and staff in its ranks - the overwhelming majority of them perform their duties diligently and professionally every day, and behave appropriately when not on duty.

"When the behaviour of our staff falls below the standard the public and the Met expects of them, appropriate action is taken.

“We are always looking at ways we can improve how we deal with complaints, while ensuring that misconduct matters are dealt with quickly and efficiently to maintain public confidence and trust.”

Other allegations logged by the Met in 2020/21 included 692 about discriminatory behaviour, 471 about handling of or damage to property or premises, and 323 to do with access and/or disclosure of information.

There were 126 allegations about the use of police vehicles, 99 of abuse of position or corruption, 92 of discreditable conduct and 31 allegations involving sexual conduct.

Another 466 allegations were not categorised.

The IOPC received 198 Met Police applications for review in 2020/21.

Of these, 108 lead to investigation and the other 90 were not investigated.