A Dagenham dancer stars in a new documentary which explores the impact the Covid pandemic has had on the performing arts.

The documentary, titled Moving Forward, Looking Back #2020, follows three dancers as they navigate the succession of lockdowns and the sudden shutdown of their working lives.

Each are at a different stage of their professional development and each experienced that development grind to a halt during the pandemic.

One of the dancers is Dagenham man Lewis Sharp, who will be continuing his Master of Fine Arts in Dance Performance from September from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance.

Lewis is part of Barking organisation Studio 3 Arts' Groundbreakers Leadership programme.

The documentary, by arts association and independent film makers Abundant Art, is made up of footage taken by the dancers themselves.

Visit www.abundantart.net/project/moving-forward-looking-back-2020/ for more information and to watch.