Adjoa Nsiah-Jennings on what being Saint Francis Hospice's digital educator means to her.

I first became aware of Saint Francis Hospice as a student nurse, when I spent a week on the Inpatient Unit Ward for my elective placement.

I was so inspired by the collaborative multi-disciplinary working and the core commitment to holistic care. I always hoped that one day I would find my way back here.

As a new position within the hospice, my role as digital educator is evolving alongside the needs of the organisation.

However, primarily I am tasked with developing technology-enhanced palliative and end-of-life care education.

This involves working with staff to increase their digital literacy so that they can be better equipped to communicate and collaborate with the people they support.

Over my career I have worked in a number of areas including media, project management, education and nursing. What’s so exciting about this role is that it enables me to bring all of my experience and skills together.

Education plays such a vital role in supporting staff and volunteers to have all the capabilities they require to navigate these new digital ways of working.

While we value the importance of face-to-face teaching, by providing a digital alternative we will also be able to extend our reach and accessibility to all.

My ambition for the role is to continue to support staff in developing their digital literacy knowledge and skills, develop technology-enabled education that is based on a connection with the people we care for at the centre, and form digital networks with other organisations in the sector.

Since starting in February, I have been speaking to lots of staff about their learning needs.

In response to this, I devised a digital education survey for staff and volunteers across the hospice. We’ve had a fantastic response and all of this data will help shape the development of our digital education training programmes across the organisation.

I also launched in May, our first Learning at Work Week for the hospice. This introduced staff to a fully interactive programme with a variety of content.

My next focus will be on the delivery of our new digital education training programmes and supporting other projects within the education team.

There’s lots of work to do, but I have already received such fantastic support - I am very much looking forward to the challenge.