A London mayoral candidate claims he was fined after rolling into Dagenham in a “£1million digital campaign bus” at the weekend.

Broadcasting platform London Real founder Brian Rose is taking his Covid-secure, tech-filled bus to every borough during a tour offering social media-driven opportunities to interact with him virtually and live streams.

The ex-Wall Street and city banker, who says the bus highlights his commitment to London’s digital future and allows him to canvass safely, visited the borough on Saturday (January 23).

Mr Rose said: “I believe we need to get London back to work by finding safe solutions to revitalise our economy."

Among his proposed measures is a pausing of the congestion charge for six months after lockdown.

The following day, Mr Rose and team members received £200 fines after being "arrested" by police in Southwark for not having a valid reason to be out of their homes, his campaign claims.