Reports that a "severely disabled" Dagenham man's rubbish was not collected for five weeks have been disputed by the council.

Paul Moore, who lives on Lodge Avenue, has arthritis and damaged nerves which makes it difficult to walk.

He claims Barking and Dagenham Council left two black bin bags outside his front door over a five week period. Paul's carer, Wendy Perren, said the bags had all been cleared for the first time on September 13.

A spokesperson for Barking and Dagenham Council told this newspaper Paul "has consistently had [his] refuse collected", and if workers did not collect any sacks, it is because the waste was incorrectly bagged.

They said: "The resident has been consistently advised to ensure they have a council bin for their waste collection.

“We can confirm that the resident is on our assisted collections service with staff able to assist with moving their bins on collection days. Where the bin men have not collected any bags, it is because the resident has included green waste and hedge trimmings which we do not class as household waste."

However, Paul claims the bags were "all household waste". He said: "We wouldn't give them anything that wasn't."

Paul, who describes himself as "severely disabled", added: "The problem is most times I'm either on crutches walking around the house or I have to use a motorbike scooter. I can't get out with that because the bins are on my path.

"[Using] my wheelchair to get to the hospital? I can't use that either."

The spokesperson for Barking and Dagenham Council added: “He has been advised to get both black and brown bins and if he wants to register for the Green Garden Waste service, he can register for the service which costs £41 a season.

“We will be providing recycling and domestic bins for him free of charge.”

Barking and Dagenham Council did not comment on the bags being collected on September 13.