A Dagenham man proposed to his girlfriend onstage during a pantomime performance.

A shower of confetti rained down and the audience applauded as Paul Greed asked his now fiancee, Emily Harris, to marry him.

He popped the question during the bows at the end of a showing of Snow White at Broadway Barking Theatre on Sunday, December 4.

Barking and Dagenham Post: Paul waited backstage with the seven dwarves before he proposedPaul waited backstage with the seven dwarves before he proposed (Image: Paul Greed)

Paul said: "We've been together for about five years and we started talking about it a little bit and I thought it had to be something special.

"If we ever get ready to go out on the weekend or something she says 'let's have a photo'. 

"I usually start moaning and she always says 'we're making memories'.

"So I thought I want to make a big memory for her and that's why I did it.

"When I was on the stage before I proposed I said to her, 'you always talk about memories and I just thought I wanted to make a memory for you'."

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Paul said he started organising the proposal with audience development and participation manager Jules Easles in September.

The cast of Snow White brought Emily onstage under the ruse that she had won a competition, as Paul waited backstage.

Paul continued: "I was so nervous. Before I went out onstage the manager gave me a mic and said to go wait in the green room.

"When I was in the green room, the seven dwarves came in and I was talking to all the dwarves... it was a little bit surreal!

"I had a bigger speech planned but I didn't end up doing the whole speech because I was so nervous - dry mouth and all that!"

Barking and Dagenham Post: Paul said the theatre set up a mezzanine area in the back of the theatre for the engaged couplePaul said the theatre set up a mezzanine area in the back of the theatre for the engaged couple (Image: Paul Greed)

Paul and Emily are currently planning their wedding to take place in the summer of 2024 in east London.

Paul said: "The Broadway Theatre was amazing. The help they gave me was really nice and afterwards they made up a special area for us and gave us champagne.

"Jules organised it all for me... if it weren't for her, it wouldn't have happened.

"The hospitality was brilliant and the show was great as well."

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The theatre's creative director Ian Knowles added: "To have been able to help arrange the marriage proposal too has really made my first panto at the Broadway a treat. 

"What else do I need for a Happy Christmas?"