From healthcare and bin collections to more pubs and safer streets, Post readers have had their say on changes they would like to see in the borough this year.

We asked readers what they would most like to see happen in Barking and Dagenham in 2023.

One of the most common responses on Facebook was a desire for cleaner streets and improved bin collections. 

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Dee Hunt asked for: "Cleaner streets, no fly tipping and bins collected on the days they are supposed to and to look at the lists and make sure disabled and elderly residents don’t get missed."

Nicola Papworth also asked for "cleaner streets" and Rosemary Sourke even suggested the council "jet wash the Heathway".

Valerie Browning followed them up, asking that "people tidy their front gardens as they used to in the past" while Selim Miah suggested the council "bring back free green waste collection".

Some respondees also asked to "feel... safer", as Jackie Marlow commented.

Angela Smith said: "It's ok for everyone to want the bins collected on time and people to tidy their front gardens but that doesn't hurt anyone. I want knife crime to stop and shootings as that's more important."

Brian Ross agreed: "I would like to see the police walking around the streets making the boundaries safe again."

Kayleigh Tumber said she wanted "more awareness on domestic abuse and where survivors and victims can access a safe space". 

She added that she would like to see "more action taken to prevent our teenage children from dying well before their time due to things like knife crime [and] more CCTV for our safety".

The most popular comment on Facebook demanded better access to healthcare and came from Lynz Draper-Logan. 

Lynz said she wants to be "able to get a face-to-face appointment with a GP" and to have "a children's physiotherapist in Dagenham".

Improved access to social housing was also a common request.

Daniella Clay asked for "more support for addicts and a better pathway for getting homeless people off the streets, ideally with long term support in place once housed."

Sharon Day added: "More housing accessible and affordable for our children. [Those] that can not afford to move out of family home but wish for their own homes."

Some readers also asked for more spaces for leisure activities. Alex Hollis suggested "more pubs" for the borough and Mohammed Azizur said that a "lido would be good for summer".

Do you agree? What would you most like to see happen in Barking and Dagenham in 2023?