Residents in one Barking street have reportedly had their hot water turned off around 15 times in the last six months.

Those living in Bastable Avenue experienced around a fortnight without hot water in October.

Sarah Wedge said she estimates the hot water has stopped working since then around 15 times.

Most recently, the hot water was turned off for three days from April 26 to 29.

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According to Barking and Dagenham Council, the interruption to the hot water provision was originally due to a major underground leak in the hot water distribution pipework.

A failure to the pipe next to the junction of Bastable Avenue and Renwick Road was eventually discovered.

A temporary boiler has been installed which, according to the council, has experienced some intermittent failures and has since been replaced with a new temporary boiler.

Sarah said: "It's been costing us a fortune - you're looking about £150 a week in electric bills.

"Because we had no hot water, we've had to fill up baths with kettle water or boil pans on our cooker."

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The council said the most recent turning off of the hot water came when the water authority advised that additional equipment designed to protect the mains water system was required.

The installation required the council to shut down the temporary boiler while the works were being carried out.

Sarah claimed the council had not offered her any compensation.

Sarah, who works as a dog groomer, continued: "I work from home as well.

"If I haven't got hot water, I can't bath my dogs so I have to cancel my job.

"I can't work because I need hot water."

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A Barking and Dagenham Council spokesperson said: "Every time there has been a disruption to the hot water supply, we have communicated with the residents to keep them informed.

"Staff on the ground make sure they speak with residents and access properties where necessary to keep them up to date.

"Tenants have been reassured that the issue of compensation will be explored in terms of the situation.

"However, this will be evaluated once the ongoing issues have been assessed."