A road in Dagenham has reportedly been blighted by fly-tipping – including large items like mattresses and car tyres – for a year.

One Tenterden Road resident said the rubbish being dumped outside the homes for the last year is “so disrespectful”.

They said: “[Some of] the bags have been ripped open by – I think – foxes and the rubbish is strewn across the street.

“I’ve got an [infant] and it’s really worrying to think that it might be attracting vermin or what the contents of those bags may be.”

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According to the resident, multiple reports have been made to Barking and Dagenham Council but the residents do not believe the issue has been resolved.

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A spokesperson for Barking and Dagenham Council said: “The council has been made aware of the situation and an enforcement notice has been served on the landowner.

“Any breach of the enforcement notice will result in further enforcement action as the land cannot remain in its current condition.”

The resident added: “I don’t know how much worse it’s going to get – it’s quite worrying really…

“It makes you want to… lock the doors and not go out…

“It’s not an ideal place to bring up a child.”