London's worst-performing pharmacies have been revealed following intense inspections by the General Pharmacy Council. 

The council regulates pharmacies all across the UK and has found that 28 based in London do not meet their standards. 

The 28 are part of a much larger 108 high street pharmacy that does not meet standards across the UK in their latest inspections. 

Included in the list are 10 pharmacies that are facing active enforcement action against them which includes not being able to prescribe medicine to fixing windows. 

So you can see the ratings of all the pharmacies in the UK, including London, we've created this handy interactive map. 

You can head to the General Pharmacy Council to find out more information on the report.

Whilst most on the list are found on the high street, some were set in local distribution centres and a further 35 were internet pharmacies. 

The internet pharmacy also includes Boots which was noted as it lets customers choose to prefer medicine ahead of consulting for some cases. 

The popular Lloyds online pharmacy also made the list with inspections finding that some failed to meet all the required standards.