Hospital workers struggling with the cost-of-living crisis have been given a helping hand with school uniforms for their children.

A series of “market place” sales have been held at Queen’s and King George hospitals with donated schoolwear for the new term.

The sales attracted 140 workers who picked up uniforms, bags, shoes, PE kits and even books.

“It’s clear how much impact this is having on staff,” the NHS hospital trust’s Charleen Elton said.

“We know how expensive this time of year can be, so it’s great to be able to help out and make a difference.”

The sales were given as boost from Smile London and Essex charity with donated and new uniforms. Some uniforms were also donated by other staff members who had spare or unwanted items.

The sales are part of a hospital trust programme to help staff cope with the cost-of-living, along with discounts in its canteens and giving information on support services and finances.