A man has died following a fatal shooting by armed police officers in Dagenham. 

Met Police were called at 7.59pm on Thursday (November 23) to Weston Green by a man who reportedly said he wanted to take his own life.

He claimed on the phone call that he was in possession of a loaded gun, Met Police said.

As a result, firearms officers were deployed along with a specialist negotiator. Met Police added that officers tried to engage with the man throughout to safely resolve the incident.

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Shortly before 9.00pm, however, shots were fired by the police.

Paramedics were called to the scene and officers tried to provide first aid including CPR. Despite their best efforts, the man, believed to be in his 40s, was sadly pronounced dead at 9.30pm.

The police further said that no one else was present at the address during the time, and that they recovered a non-police gun at the scene.

An investigation has been launched into the case.

Met’s Directorate of Professional Standards and the Independent Office for Police Conduct were informed about the incident.

Commander Kyle Gordon, Frontline Policing Commander for North and East London, said a formal identification is yet to take place for the man but his next of kin has been informed.

He added: “My thoughts are with the loved ones of the man who has died, with the local community in Dagenham and the officers involved in this incident.

“They (the man’s next of kin) will receive our full support.”