A Mercedes driver has been fined after a traffic camera on the A12 recorded them driving almost 30mph above the speed limit.

Carol Lee Jerzyk, 49, from Ilchester Road, Dagenham, was ordered to pay £464 and received six penalty points on her driving record.

A speed camera caught her driving down the A12 in a Mercedes at 78 mph—a speed way above the 50mph limit.

She was prosecuted for breaching a local traffic order imposing a restriction on the speed limit whilst she was out driving on June 13, 2023.

She appeared virtually at Bromley Magistrates' Court on January 4 and her guilty plea was taken into account while imposing the judgement.

The fine included a £101 surcharge to fund victim services and £110 in costs.

The prosecution reported the charge to the DVLA, and as a result, her driving record was penalised with six points.