London's iconic BT Tower is expected to become a hotel after being sold to MCR Hotels as part of a £275 million deal.

On Wednesday, February 21, BT Group shared that they had agreed to sell the 177 metre-tall (581-ft) tower in West End London.

The BT Tower is grade II listed and was created as a communications tower, but as BT shared, the increasing shift to digital services means the tower is used less often.

The tower's once essential role in UK communications has been slowly replaced by BT's mobile networks, more than a decade ago the microwave aerials of the BT Tower were removed.

BT Tower to become hotel amid £275m deal

The BT Tower was built in 1964 and at the time was the tallest in London before the NatWestTower was completed in 1980.

Barking and Dagenham Post: BT Tower has been sold to MCR.BT Tower has been sold to MCR. (Image: PA)

In a statement from BT Group, they shared: "The BT Tower has long been an important site for BT Group's Media & Broadcast business, as one of the key global interchange points for live television.

"As part of its long-term strategy, the Media & Broadcast division has already been migrating services onto its cloud-based platform, which will allow a more straightforward move to more modern and efficient premises.

"This will enable the division to continue to sit at the heart of UK and global media distribution."

MCR owns and operates 150 hotels globally and has shared they are yet to complete a design for making the BT Tower into a hotel.

As Tyler Morse, chief executive and owner of MCR said: "We are proud to become owners and custodians of the iconic BT Tower.

"We will take our time to carefully develop proposals that respect the London landmark's rich history and open the building for everyone to enjoy."

MCR added: "BT Group will take a number of years to vacate the premises, due to the scale and complexity of the work to move technical equipment, and there will be significant time for design development and engagement with local communities before any proposals come forward."