Turkey is most commonly known as a captivating cultural vacation destination, but is that all it is? Indeed, Turkey has also become a popular destination for medical tourism worldwide.

Turkey hair transplant is one of the leading and most sought-after procedures in the country. The mix of lower costs and excellent medical care in Turkey makes a hair transplant a tempting choice for people worldwide.

Most hair transplant clinics in Turkey offer affordable procedures, and they provide a level of care comparable to Western countries, with advanced technology and excellent post-operative support. Turkish hair transplant clinics follow strict medical standards to ensure a positive experience for patients undergoing hair transplant surgery. Turkey hair transplant procedures typically involve FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) or FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) for hair restorations in thinning areas.

Let's learn about hair transplants in Turkey, covering costs, before-and-after results, and Dr. Levant Acar's outstanding 98% success rate at Cosmedica Clinic. 

Is Turkey good for hair transplants?

A short answer would be yes! Turkey is a popular choice for hair transplants, offering the same services as the UK and the USA but at a much lower cost. However, you should do proper research to make sure you opt for a good hair transplant clinic in Turkey.

For example, the Cosmedica Clinic is an excellent choice when considering a Turkey hair transplant. Here are a few reasons to opt for a hair transplant in Istanbul, Turkey:

●     Price: A routine hair transplant procedure in the UK can run you anywhere from £5,000 to £15.000 depending on the number of grafts. Hair transplants in Istanbul offer a cost-effective advantage, with premium packages not exceeding £2,600 in total, including post-operative care and hotel stays.

●     State of the art Technology: FUE hair transplant clinics in Turkey are at the forefront of medical advancement. They use the latest tools and advanced technologies to provide patients with high-quality hair transplants.

●     Holistic Approach: From preoperative consultations to post-operative care, Turkish surgeons provide ongoing guidance and support for every patient. This unparalleled approach increases patient satisfaction and ensures a high regrowth rate for transplanted hair.

Cosmedica Clinic and the innovative DHI Sapphire Technique

Dr. Levent Acar, recipient of the Patient Service Awards every year since 2014, founded the Cosmedica Clinic. He has performed over 20,000 successful hair transplant procedures with his team in 16 years.

Dr. Acar's cutting-edge DHI Sapphire technique is innovative and technologically advanced. This advanced technique uses a pen-like device for hair follicle transplantation, creating a natural hairline with minimal scarring. Ultra-thin sapphire blades make precise cuts, which helps hair grow naturally with a 98% success rate and quicker healing.

The process includes FUE (follicular unit extraction), sapphire incisions, and DHI implanter pen. Micro Sapphire DHI is superior to conventional methods due to its accuracy, speed, and hair graft protection. Cosmedica offers advanced hair restoration treatments at affordable prices, with free consultations for people all over the world. Moreover, English-speaking clinicians and staff underline the clinic's commitment to international patient communication and satisfaction.

What is the procedure for a hair transplant in Turkey?

The FUE DHI Sapphire method at Cosmedica Clinic involves a series of steps to restore natural hair growth. The procedure involves the following steps:

 ●     Initial Consultation: At Cosmedica, the process of hair transplants begins with a hair analysis. The surgeon consults with the patient about their hair loss and suggests a procedure that matches their desired hair growth outcome.

●     Hair Transplant Surgery: First, the surgeon prepares the donor area by trimming or shaving the hair. Then, the surgeon uses a specialized punch tool for extracting hair. Afterward, the surgeon creates tiny incisions in the recipient area, depending on the number of grafts needed. The surgeon carefully selects and prepares the harvested follicles for implantation. Then, the surgeon implants the extracted hair grafts into the prepared incisions in the recipient area. The entire procedure takes place under local anesthesia to ensure the patient's comfort and minimize any pain or discomfort.

●     Post-operative Care Instructions: After the surgery, the patient receives post-operative care. They also get a full guide explaining them how to take care of their transplanted hair properly.

●     Recovery and Follow-up: After a hair transplant surgery, patients can typically go back to their daily routines within a few days to weeks. Cosmedica Clinic arranges regular follow-up appointments to check hair growth and address any issues or concerns.

What are the before and after results of hair transplants at Cosmedica Clinic?

Cosmedica Clinic presents remarkable post-operative outcomes of hair transplantation surgeries.

Dr. Acar is skilled in Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Micro Sapphire Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) techniques. This allows him to ensure remarkable results and natural hair regrowth while creating a well-defined frontal hairline.

Barking and Dagenham Post: Discover the great before-after results of a hair transplant at CosmedicaDiscover the great before-after results of a hair transplant at Cosmedica (Image: Cosmedica Clinic)
The clinic proceeds to a microscopic examination assesses the quantity of available donor follicles and selects the most suitable approach for hair transplantation. Dr. Acar specialises in accurately reproducing the usual trajectory of hair follicle growth to achieve exceptional outcomes.

During the consultation with Dr. Acar, the patient will talk wit the patient to determine the number of grafts and establish a customised, aesthetically pleasing hairline according to the patient's desired outcome for high quality hair. The clinic prioritises this specialised approach, considering old photographs to estimate the patient's original appearance before hair loss.

What hair transplant packages does Cosmedica Clinic in Turkey offer?

The Cosmedica Clinic in Turkey offers extensive hair transplant services, ensuring a pleasant and efficient experience.

The FUE Gold package (£2,000) offers various services. Dr. Acar conducts a consultation and designs the hairline. The procedure includes sapphire blade incisions and forceps implantation, with graft preparation using an HD microscope. The package also includes a post-operative check, a companion and translator, 5-star hotel accommodations, VIP transfers, FotoFinder Trichoscale donor hair analysis, oxygen therapy, and a 1-month hair power booster package.

The DHI Sapphire package costs £2,600 and offers extra features. patients benefit from an implantation using an implanter pen and incisions made with a micro sapphire blade. The DHI hair transplant method helps reducing considerably the patient's recovery time.

The VIP DHI Sapphire package (£4,500) has all the benefits of the DHI Sapphire package, with an extra 4-month hair power booster package. Moreover, the incisions performed by Dr. Acar.

The hair transplant cost at Cosmedica Clinic is cheaper than in any Western country.

Nonetheless, the quality of service and technology offered is at least similar to the one provided in the UK. The average cost of a Turkey hair transplant cost at Cosmedica Clinic is at least £5,000 cheaper that of any UK establishment. This comes without compromising the quality of the result of the hair transplant.


Turkey's position in the hair transplantation industry isn't a passing trend. On the contrary, it underscores the exceptional quality offered by its clinics.

A Turkey hair transplant with Cosmedica Clinic ensures cutting-edge advancements, excellence, and cost-effectiveness.

Opting for Cosmedica Clinic as the destination for a hair transplant in Turkey is more than a mere medical choice; it represents a commitment to enhancing one's physical and aesthetic welfare. The clinic's steadfast dedication to achieving the highest standards of quality, along with the cultural abundance of Turkey, provides a life-changing experience that surpasses mere hair restoration.