Here are the full results for the Barking constituency.

Nesil Caliskan was elected as MP for Barking, with a 44.5 per cent share of the vote.

Ms Caliskan scored a huge win for Labour, with 11,054 votes more than her nearest competitor, Reform UK.

The Labour MP took to the stage in Barking Sporthouse and Gym after the results were announced.

She said: “It is time for change in our country and I am so proud to have been elected as Member of Parliament for Barking. 

"Thank you to the voters of Barking and indeed across the country who have voted for change in this historic and momentous general election."

Barking had a very low turnout at only 46 per cent - down 11.4 per cent since 2019.

Full general election results for the Barking constituency:

Turnout: 46%

Nesil Caliskan - Labour - 16,227

Clive Peacock - Reform UK - 5,173

Simon Anthony - Green - 4,988

Julie Redmond - Conservative - 4,294

Muhammad Asim - Workers Party of Britain - 3,578

Charley Hasted - Liberal Democrat - 1,015

Dee Dias - Independent - 753

Lucy Baiye-Gaman - Christian Peoples Alliance - 449