Appeal to trace owner of photo 40 years after it was found in Dagenham

Terry Mannix holding the keyring

Terry Mannix found the keyring while working in Martins Corner more than 40 years ago. - Credit: Terry Mannix

A former gas worker is appealing for the owner of a keyring photo to get in touch 40 years after it was lost.

Terry Mannix was on a job for the gas board in Martins Corner, Dagenham, when he stumbled across the keyring with a photo of a child inside some time between 1975 and 1980.

Unable to find the owner, Terry hung on to it, popping it into his tool bag for safe-keeping. But when he switched from digging to driving lorries for the gas board, he put his tools in storage, where they stayed along with the keyring, for years.

"I was busy working at the time but it's stayed with me for years and years," Terry said. "But I want to get it back to the person who owns it."

Terry - who used to live in Ivyhouse Road, Dagenham, but is now in Holland-on-Sea, Essex - came across the keyring four decades later after moving house.

Boy's photo on keyring

There's no name on the photo, but Terry is hoping someone will recognise the boy and get in touch. - Credit: Terry Mannix

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"It's a lovely little photograph. If I had lost something like that, I would have been devastated. When I came across it, I thought, 'Blimey, it would be nice to know where that boy is'."

The photo shows a fair-haired chap wearing a red and black jumper. It was found inside a clear, plastic case.

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"It looks to me as if the picture was taken in the late 60s early 70s," Terry said.

He had prised the keyring open in the hopes of finding a name on the back of the photo, but sadly nothing is written on it.

However, Terry is hoping someone will recognise the youngster and get in touch.

"It would be nice to give it back to the family and give something back to society. You never know the circumstances," Terry said.

Terry Mannix driving a British Gas lorry

Terry went from digging for the gas board to driving. - Credit: Terry Mannix

The retired worker who spent 33 years at the gas board put an appeal on social media, but to date nothing has come back in response.

The 68-year-old said: "Someone must know who this little boy is. They must have mislaid it."

If you can help reunite the keyring with its owner, please contact Terry by email at

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