Baby blog: Internet is great if you’re trying to find a bargain

Nancy Smith

Nancy Smith - Credit: Archant

With royal baby fever in the air, we asked expectant mother Nancy Smith, 37, to write a regular blog. Nancy, who like the Duchess of Cambridge, is due in July lives in Dagenham with her fiance and 12-year-old son. She has nick-named her baby CJ. This is her third instalment.

I have found in the last few weeks that CJ loves to kick and punch when ever CJ wants and at times it can make you feel sick when the baby is on a mad one.It’s reassuring but at the same time can catch you off guard at any moment.

I have been suffering with night leg cramps so I have to sleep with a pillow either under my legs or between knees to try and ease it. Also I have brought a brilliant pillow from Mothercare which is great for under £10 and it’s angled to fit under the bump and give support when you are sleeping on your side.

Had my whooping jab the other week and OUCHERS. Not the jab itself but the after-effects. My arm felt like I had been punched in it for almost a whole week.

A few days later I had my blood tests done, and when I got the results back last week I found I have low iron. I’m now taking prescription iron tablets but am also having my levels re-checked by doctors as I had low B12 and folic before I fell pregnant so need to wait for results from that one.

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Starting to get a few more bits in for the baby and the internet is a great way to search for bargains.

This week I managed to pick up a brand new baby monitor from Mothercare for half price and free delivery. There are also plenty of groups on Facebook selling either second hand or unwanted baby things - it all helps in today’s world when you need to save a few pennies or pounds.

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Just a week left at work and then I start my maternity leave. Even though I only work part-time the energy is zapped out of you at this stage of pregnancy. I’ll be happy to put my feet up a little more before CJ gets here.

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