Barking Riverside pier: What's the latest?

New image of Barking Riverside pier service to be opened in 2022

Piling work is almost finished on the new Barking Riverside pier, which when open will have people in central London in 45 minutes - Credit: Barking Riverside Limited

New images of the Barking Riverside pier have been released as construction continues ahead of the service's opening later this year.

The new pier - which will become the 24th stop on the Thames Clippers network - was given the green light in July 2020, before work began last summer.

When the expansion was announced, winter 2021 was the expected opening date.

New image of Barking Riverside pier service to be opened in 2022

The pier will become the most easterly stop on the Uber Boat by Thames Clippers network, which currently has 23 locations across London - Credit: Barking Riverside Limited

This has since been pushed back to spring 2022; the latest from Barking Riverside Limited (BRL) is that the opening date will be "announced soon".

With the new service well on its way to the people of Barking, the Post has the latest on where construction is up to.

Piling work is nearly complete on the new pier, and once finished will comprise of seven such units which form the foundation for the pontoon.

New image of Barking Riverside pier service to be opened in 2022

The brow and pontoon is currently being constructed offsite in the Netherlands, and will be brought by boat to Barking Riverside later this month - Credit: Barking Riverside Limited

Speaking of, Ravestein BV's construction of a 63m canting brow and pontoon continues offsite in the Netherlands.

Both will be brought by boat to the site later this month via the North Sea; once installed, the canting brow will become the longest on the Thames Clipper network.

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The Uber boat service - which will get people to Woolwich, Greenwich and Canary Wharf in six, 20 and 35 minutes respectively - will run at peak times during the week, and all day during the weekend.

It will also be dog and bike friendly.

BRL infrastructure director Louis Chau has previously described the transport opportunities presented by the Thames as "one of the site’s biggest assets".

Elsewhere, the new Barking Riverside Overground station is slated to open in autumn 2022 after Covid-19 delayed plans to open late last year.

Speaking as work on the pier was about to get underway, Mr Chau enthused about the possibilities offered by both transport projects.

"This [the Barking Riverside pier] running in parallel with the completion of the Overground station means Barking Riverside will be firmly on the map in the next year."