MasterChef 2022: Barking cook singled out by judges sails through heat

Bhavina, 31, says her cooking is inspired by the traditional Gujurati dishes her mum made

Bhavina, 31, says her cooking is inspired by the traditional Gujurati dishes her mum made for her growing up - Credit: Shine TV/BBC

A Barking cook "really impressed" the MasterChef judges on her way to sailing through the fourth week of heats.

Head of marketing Bhavina, 31, was the first to be given an apron in this week's edition of the BBC One cooking show

Judge John Torode was effusive in his praise of the cook, calling her lamb meatball curry "wonderful to eat".

According to the acclaimed chef, Bhavina's "delicious" dish had an "amazing layer of flavours".

The contestant was buoyed by the praise, admitting that she was uncharacteristically stuck for words.

"I'm never normally speechless, but that was something else."

The 31-year-old - happy to have done both herself and her mum "proud" - previously revealed how growing up around Gujarati cooking inspired her love of cooking. 

That love has taken Bhavina all the way to the MasterChef kitchen, where she was credited by both judges as the contestant who "really stood out".

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When handing her an apron, Torode said: "Loved the confidence, loved the food, loved the presentation."

Bhavina now has immunity from cooking in the next round and will continue her journey on MasterChef.