Mum plans 30-mile walk to Barking Station to raise money to help son take first steps

Brandon Dwyer

Brandon Dwyer could walk for the first time with the aid of special equipment. - Credit: Emma Morgan

A mum is hoping to raise £1,500 to buy equipment to help her son walk for the first time.

Emma Morgan is planning to do a 30-mile sponsored walk to Barking Station from her home in Rochford, Essex on September 26.

The full-time mum, who was born and bred in Thames View, wants to use the money to buy specialist equipment which could help her son Brandon Dwyer take his first steps.

Brandon and mum Emma

Brandon and mum Emma who is preparing to walk 30 miles from their home in Rochford to Barking Station. - Credit: Emma Morgan

Nine-year-old Brandon has quadriplegia, which affects his arms and legs. He is also unable to bear weight due to dystonia, a condition affecting muscles and posture, and has brain damage.

A premature baby, Brandon was born at 30 weeks and starved of oxygen during labour, leading to the conditions he has now.

"He's amazing," Emma said. "He has a brilliant character. He's very cheeky. He can say a few words but he can't crawl or sit. He can't use his legs.

"This is the reason I want to do this. If I use mine to raise money, I can get the equipment he needs to get walking."

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The cash would also go towards extra physio for Brandon - a huge fan of ITV show The Chase - at Physio Goals 4 Kids in Dunmow.

Emma explained how Brandon's chances of walking do not look good, with medics stressing his muscles aren't strong enough.

But she hopes that with the gait trainer equipment, Brandon will build up his strength and avoid operations to rebuild his spine and hips.

"I just feel like he's ready to try and take a few steps. With the right equipment and intervention, I reckon he can get there," Emma said.

On how it would feel to see Brandon walk, she added: "It would mean everything. To see him try and move - it would be amazing. I can't even explain. It would just be overwhelming."

Yet to finalise her route to Barking, Emma is preparing for the journey with regular sessions at the gym and building up the mileage with regular walks.

"I'm feeling nervous, but I've been training," she said.

Emma is planning to live stream the solo walk on Facebook and is hoping to meet supporters at Barking Station where she hopes to end the walk within 10 hours.

To sponsor Emma, visit and to follow her progress on the day, visit her Facebook page Emma Morg.