An entrepreneur has launched an app in a bid to help youngsters better manage their money.

Dr Arinola Araba teamed up with Barking and Dagenham College IT student, Charlie Madigan, to develop the computer game, bMoneywize, which was tried and tested at Barking library in the Town Square.

Arinola said: "I'm thoroughly excited to have been able to get the opportunity to create something that children love.

"But it wasn't done by me alone so I want to thank Barking and Dagenham College and Charlie for making the digital version of bMoneywize a reality."

bMoneywize is a personal finance toolkit developed into a digital game for young people to help them gain the knowledge, confidence and skills to keep track of their money.

A former Avon lady, Arinola came up with the idea for her game when her daughter brought a friend home from school when she was not around and cooked for them.

She told her she was wasting money and thought about how she could talk to young people about managing money in a fun way.