Barking graduate launches 60 sec restaurant booking site

A business graduate hopes to make it big with a website letting Londoners book a restaurant table after going on a 60-second virtual tour of eateries in the capital.

Nelson Sivalingam, 24, launched the restaurant booking site after struggling to get a job in the economic downturn.

He now runs the expanding site with two colleagues and five interns helping the company film promotional videos of restaurants across London.

Nelson, of Cranborne Road, Barking, said: “I am one of many recent graduates who came out of university with a degree and debt to find myself contributing to the rising youth unemployment statistic.

“Frustrated that years of studying had not prepared me for the environment we are now living in, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

“Now the company is at stage where we are able to hire talented recent graduates who were also frustrated with the job market, just like I was.

“We’re looking at branching out to the rest of the UK and the world.”

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The site went live this month and now features 17 London restaurants with new ones set to be added each week.

Nelson graduated from Aston University in Birmingham and works in offices in Bow Road.