Barking and Dagenham’s MPs slam Theresa May’s Brexit deal

MPs Margaret Hodge and Jon Cruddas. Picture: M.HODGE/J.CRUDDAS

MPs Margaret Hodge and Jon Cruddas. Picture: M.HODGE/J.CRUDDAS - Credit: Archant

Barking and Dagenham’s MPs have slated prime minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal ahead of a crunch vote.

Barking MP Dame Margaret Hodge and Dagenham and Rainham MP Jon Cruddas have both vowed to vote against the government’s plan.

Members of Parliament will vote on the 599 page withdrawal agreement struck between the government and European Union on December 11.

It sets out the arrangements for the UK’s exit from the EU including plans for workers rights, future trade and border arrangements.

Dame Margaret said: “Theresa May is offering us a false promise - her deal or a ‘no deal’ Brexit. The reality is that both would be extremely damaging for the country.”

“May’s Brexit deal is a rotten deal that nobody voted for.”

She explained that the deal failed to fulfil the Leave campaign’s promise to “take back control” instead leaving the country in limbo.

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“The Prime Minister’s deal will make us rule takers rather than rule makers. The deal is nothing but a short term fix and will quickly unravel,” she said.

Both Dame Margaret and Mr Cruddas vowed to reject the deal when MPs vote on it on December 11.

“In 2016 nobody voted to be poorer or for fewer jobs. A ‘no deal’ Brexit will do just that. It could cause a shortage in medical supplies, a sharp increase in food prices and see investment in our borough dry up. I will never support a damaging ‘no deal’ Brexit,” Dame Margaret said.

She added the Tory government was tearing itself apart and that in all her time as a member of parliament she had never seen such a chaotic and incompetent government.

“I will use every vote I have to stop this government from inflicting upon my constituents a bad deal or no deal at all,” she said.

Mr Cruddas said: “It is all about Theresa May managing own internal party disagreements rather than what is right for the country.

“It doesn’t work for Dagenham and Rainham. It isn’t the Brexit my constituents called for back in 2016.

“When the negotiations started Labour set six tests which if met would secure a strong future for the UK outside of the EU and protect people’s jobs and their rights.

“May’s deal has failed to meet these tests. I cannot support this.”

A government spokesman said: “This is the right deal for the UK, including east London. It protects jobs and livelihoods, and takes back control of our borders, laws and money. We’ll be able, for the first time in 40 years, to strike new trade deals that will open up new markets around the world.

“Passing this deal through parliament will allow us to focus on building our bright, post-Brexit future.”