Barking store offers 2p discount as budget shops compete

97p shop in East Street, Barking is having a 95p sale.

97p shop in East Street, Barking is having a 95p sale. - Credit: Archant

A 97p shop is running a 2p discount sale as two budget retailers compete for customers in Barking.

97p Knockout opened in East Street about six weeks ago and launched its 95p sale in an effort to draw in business.

When the Post asked manager Ali Jani if he believed such a small cut could really attract more customers, he said: “Customers like it. We are doing well.”

One shopper, Sam Walsey, said that she had not noticed the shop had a 95p sale, but added: “It seems silly, but I guess if you buy lots of things, the pennies add up and you make a bit of a saving.”

The store stands beside Sams 99p store, which opened last month and – despite its name – is offering a number of items at 89p.

The chain has a much bigger shop further along East Street and, according to one member of staff who did not want to be named, decided to open a second selling 89p goods because it began losing customers when 97p Knockout opened.

“Even if it’s just a difference of a few pence, people will choose the cheapest store,” he said.

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He told the Post that budget retailers were becoming increasingly popular with shoppers because of the poor state of the economy.