Create Your Future: Maggie Philbin urges students to weigh up all the options

Maggie Philbin takes part in the �pit stop challenge� with Barking & Dagenham College students

Maggie Philbin takes part in the �pit stop challenge� with Barking & Dagenham College students - Credit: Archant

Young people need to be aware of all the available options when planning a career, according to TV favourite and education expert Maggie Philbin.

Maggie Philbin

Maggie Philbin - Credit: Archant

The Bang Goes the Theory and former Tommorow’s World presenter opened the Skills Show Experience at Barking and Dagenham College last Wednesday.

She explained to the Post how important events like that are for students, coupled with the right attitude.

“It sounds like a cliché but we’re in a fast-changing world, especially with technology” she said.

“When I left school, many people went into the same job for life, but that’s just the case for today’s students.

“Having the right attitude and ability to adapt plus the willingness to learn, enthusiasm and doggedness is crucial for success in today’s age.”

Currently heading up a Labour-backed UK Digital Skills taskforce, the former Swap Shop presenter knows a thing or two about the importance of checking out all the options.

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Fascinated by maths and science as a child, Maggie initially wanted to become a vet, before going on to study English and drama and launch a successful broadcasting career instead.

She insists children have a duty to discover the full range of options to them.

“It’s important for parents and teachers to show children how big world the out there, but also that they can be part of it,” she added.

“Young people and parents have to take some responsibility in making sure they weigh up all the options and make most of potential. We can’t afford as a nation to let potential go to waste.”