Dagenham entrepreneur shares her recipe for success

Dagenham entrepreneur Nikki Cook is expanding her party business to include extraordinary cake creat

Dagenham entrepreneur Nikki Cook is expanding her party business to include extraordinary cake creations. - Credit: Archant

A young grandmother is cooking up a storm as she gives rise to the next strand of her party empire.

Nikki Cook was making cakes for her eight children when she realised she could sell the creations to her customers at Kushti Kids Parties.

“I wanted to do something different,” admitted the 42-year-old, who started the party business at her home in Gale Street, Dagenham, with husband Mark Cook and her son Billy Warren, 23.

“I’m not a tidy decorator so I pile on the ingredients so it looks really fun and every kid goes wow!”

From this week, customers can order a handmade cake for £30-40 according to their wishes – or wildest dreams.

After making a chocolate box galaxy, the grandma-of-one is already plotting the next for her daughter Rosie’s 11th birthday: a Willy Wonka candy cake with swirly lollipops.

“Anything you can’t buy I want to make,” added Nikki, who lives with Mark, 49, and five of her children. “Hopefully I’ll be doing something a bit more unique rather than something you can just buy.”

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Nikki, who founded the business three years ago, is excited about selling cakes to non-family members.

“I love decorating things,” she said, though she admits that she’s still got work to do. “I like baking more than baking likes me – I’m not a natural. I’ve definitely got lots to learn.”

The former Rose Lane Post Office worker started her business three years ago after moving to the area – and now runs about 1,000 parties a year.

“I needed a new project,” explained the supermum. “I started off with glitter tattoos, then someone asked me to do face painting, so I taught myself that.

“We’ve done council events, Asda, Tesco, it’s going really well.”

Nikki says it’s not all fun and games though.

“It’s good fun, it’s hard work though,” she said. “There’s more to it than you think.

“I think this cake business should be the start of something really exciting.”

To order a cake or check out the activities visit kushtikidsparties.co.uk.