Fuel runs out at petrol stations in Barking and Dagenham

Fuel has been running out at most petrol stations in Barking and Dagenham as panicking motorists rush to fill their tanks ahead of a possible tanker strike.

Forecourts at 11 stations have struggled to replenish their stocks in the past two days, research by the Post shows.

Vas Krishnan, 35, a worker at Total in Wood Lane, Dagenham, said: “We had a problem last night but we had a delivery and now we’ve got enough stock.

“There are queues all the time. It’s not bad - They’re not on the road. Motorists wait no more than 10 minutes, not even that.”

Filling stations including BP, Shell, Esso, Tesco and The Co-operative have had no petrol or diesel since Wednesday though some have since received deliveries, a poll conducted this morning showed.

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