Have your say in Barking and Dagenham, join streetlife.com

Do you want to have a say on issues affecting your community? If so why not join the hundreds of Barking and Dagenham Post readers who have signed up to streetlife.com.

The hyper-local web forum allows you to connect with the community where you live or work and talk about what matters to you, allowing you to gather support for community campaigns, promote charity events, help others with requests and share information.

Readers are using the site to swap recommendations, alert others to important news, discuss what they enjoy about Barking and Dagenham, and have a grumble about things that concern or frustrate them.

Nina Whittaker, head of communities at streetlife.com, said: “It’s like chatting over the garden fence but with lots of people, and at times that

suit you. Streetlife.com makes it easy for people who lead busy lifestyles and those who are less mobile to become more involved locally – and better connected neighbours build stronger, safer and friendlier communities.”

Michael Adkins, Acting Editor of the Post, said: “By pooling their knowledge and experience on streetlife.com, the people of Barking and Dagenham will create a really useful and unique source of local intelligence and support, and that’s why we’re encouraging everyone to get involved and spread the word.”

Your conversations will be seen on streetlife.com, and on this website www.bdpost.co.uk, and we will feature discussions and trending topics in the Post.

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To find out more and connect with the community, visit streetlife.com or click on the conversation stream on the right.