Arts start-ups urged to choose Barking over Berlin

Darren Rodwell with Laura Iosifescu

Darren Rodwell with Laura Iosifescu - Credit: Archant

Arts start ups have been urged to choose the borough in a campaign aiming to cement it as a creative industry “hot spot”.

Announcing its slogan “Ich bin ein Barkinger”, an adaption of US president John F. Kennedy’s famous line, council leader Cllr Darren Rodwell said: “It’s our cockney comeback to that cheeky advert earlier this year.”

The ad, urging businesses to set up shop in Berlin, appeared following the EU referendum result.

Cllr Rodwell added: “We are the most affordable part of the capital. We understand the power of the arts and creative industries to boost the economy.

“That’s why it’s better start ups choose Barking not Berlin.”

Painter Laura Iosifescu, who recently moved to Bow Arts Studio in the Ice House Quarter, said: “I am proud to say ‘Ich bin ein Barkinger’. Barking has been a fantastic base for me to be productive and creative.

“I would definitely urge other artists to move here.”

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It follows last month’s announcement of a feasibility study into building a film studio in Rainham Road South.