Readers call on Barking Asda to offer non-halal rotisserie meat

(left to right) Joyce Webster, Sid Gates, Shirley Dickerson, David Babb, Joyce Cracknell and Tracey

(left to right) Joyce Webster, Sid Gates, Shirley Dickerson, David Babb, Joyce Cracknell and Tracey Radall are all unhappy that Asda in Barking is only offering halal meat on its rotisserie stand. - Credit: Vickie Flores/Archant

The borough’s newest supermarket should offer shoppers a choice of both halal and non-halal meat on its rotisseries stands, according to Post readers.

The new Asda store

The new Asda store - Credit: Vickie Flores/Archant

After customers at Asda, in London Road, Barking, threatened to boycott the store over its decision to use only halal meat on its hot food counter, we asked readers what they thought.

A total of 5,930 have voted in our poll to date, which asked whether Asda should offer non-halal rotisserie meat at their Barking store?

A staggering 84 per cent – 4,953 people – answered yes, leaving 978, 16pc, in disagreement.

Shoppers have also been having their say through social media.

Facebook user Aisha Adnan wrote: “I’m a Muslim and I think Asda should cater for people who don’t like buying halal too.

“This is discrimination if they don’t cater for people properly!

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“It’s not a rare food item that can’t be served because nobody will buy it – meat is an everyday food for people, sort it out Asda.”

Keith Knight agreed, writing: “Things like this only serve to encourage racism and hate. How hard is to offer both on separate cookers?”

But support services manager Aftab Baig, 34, of Albert Road, Dagenham, argued Asda’s decision could prove to make sound business sense.

“I think the group who only eat non-halal meat is much smaller than the number of Muslims who can only eat Halal meat,” he said.

“From that perspective, I fully understand why they have done this.

“I do hope those who call for non-halal understand that it may not be financially viable for them to offer both.

“If the call is to offer both options, then I would most definitely support that, but if it were one or the other, I would say, let the market dictate.”

Not everyone was too bothered by the issue though.

Sheila Munn posted on Facebook: “Why are people getting so upset about this. If you don’t want it, then simply don’t buy it.

“Life is full of bigger problems than this.”

Luis Henriques wrote: “To me it makes no odds, meat is meat halal or not.”

What do you think?

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