Shopper fined £90 for using ‘free’ Barking Lidl parking bay

Parking sign in Lidl at Barking

Parking sign in Lidl at Barking - Credit: Archant

An angry supermarket shopper was slapped with a £90 parking fine – despite a sign telling her it was free to park there.

Parking sign in Lidl at Barking

Parking sign in Lidl at Barking - Credit: Archant

Teacher and mum-of-two Sacha Akinyemi left her car in a bay at Lidl, in Ripple Road, Barking, while she did her shopping on November 19 but returned 42 minutes later to find the unexpected penalty notice on her windscreen.

The ticket stated that customers are only allowed 10 minutes of free parking, although a sign – close to where she was parked – indicated that parking is free for Lidl customers for up to 90 minutes.

Although she is yet to have had her appeal dealt with, she is contesting the charge and is urging others to fight fines.

“It’s just really unfair, charging people £90 for parking there, while they’re inside the supermarket spending money,” Sacha, of Lodge Avenue, Dagenham, said.

“How can you be expected to do your shopping in just 10 minutes?

“I can’t remember the last time I had a ticket because I’m always careful about where I park.

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“I’m worried that elderly and vulnerable people are being hit with these as well and are just going ahead and paying it.

“I’d urge people to stand up and fight it.

“Lidl need to apologise for their mistake and make their signage clear so people know exactly what the parking restrictions are.”

A spokeswoman for the German discount supermarket chain apologised for the mistake and said shoppers should receive 90 minutes free parking.

She added: “We always encourage any genuine Lidl customers who have received a parking charge notice to get in touch with us directly via our customer service team, on 0800 977 7766 or 0370 444 1234, who will look into the case for the customer.”