Chesterfield 1 Daggers 1 (FULL TIME)

Sam Saunders scores in injury time to rescue a point for Daggers at Saltergate

Final word from JB and thanks for the input this afternoon as I head back down the motorway now.

Saunders!!! I'd forgotten he played for us :D I heard a statistic that may or may not be true, but Daggers are only 3/4 points short of the League record for "points achieved from losing positions".

Looking over our results, it seems a fair enough stat! Shame we couldn't capitalise, but pushing right to the end like Daggers of old is perhaps a sign that things are on the turn. Albeit slowly.

Well done Daggers - keep up the fight.


Well, well, well

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What an end to the match we had here.

Saunders was the saviour, turning home Ritchies corner after even Roberts went up for a late corner.

Then after that, Strevens hit the post as Daggers could have snatched it!

Such late drama and definitely a deserved point for the visitors, who on the balance, could be disappointed at not taking all three!



Nurse on for Foster in a last throw of the dice by Daggers

A reply by JB for Kingswilson too

Yes, I agree with what you have said about Benson. The game against Maccs away showed that - we tore them to pieces, but had Benson been more dangerous in front of goal, we'd have put 10 away that day.

I am getting more concerned about these players leaving - and think Strevs was one. If we're failing to win just because Benson's not there (and confidence is a little low) then perhaps we should have capitalised on Strevs by selling him to Wycombe?

It isn't impossible for all these players to leave on frees in the summer, leaving our squad depleted with no money to replace any of them. Fingers crossed for a late couple of goals!


JB has been on again

That. Was. Not. In. The. Plan. Grrr!!

It wasnt, but Daggers should have been level as Loft shot from a few yards and it was straight at keeper, and then Ritchies follow up was also claimed.

80MINS: Scoreline doesnt read well for Daggers and they are unlucky to be behind as the least they deserve today is a point.

Time starting to tick away now though and Still is urging his men forward, can they rescue a draw?


Daggers are finally breached as Martin Gritton slides home from 10 yards after Lester caused havoc in the away box.

Harsh on Daggers that, as they had done all the pressing in recent moments.


Kingwilson has a reply for Jamey Barron.

Benson does miss several chances up front. However, it's his ability to create chances for himself and by putting himself in the right areas that these chances can go astray. In recent weeks we haven't had many chances in games.

Maybe this is because our strikers aren't getting into the right areas?

Also I'd argue Benson brings us much more than just goals. He has a very good understanding with Strevens and you can see that without him Strevens isn't as effective.

Benson does a lot around the edge of the box and brings others into play. Whilst being our goalscoring, he brings a lot more to the team than just goals and the last month or two and last season have shown just how much we miss him!

70MINS: If this game stays goalless I'll be amazed!

Ritchie went on a storming run before crossing and Saunders shot was deflected wide, while Strevens saw a shot blocked onto the post too.

At the other end, Gritton, who the home fans love to hate, missed his kick and it is becoming really open now.

There has to be a strike somewhere, but I wouldnt like to predict which end!


Some more thoughts from Jamey Barron.

Much as I have berated Paul Benson all season for wasting goal scoring opportunities, we don't seem the same without him.

We could have Wayne Rooney up front and confidence would probably still be shaky. We were the same last season too - we desperately need to show ourselves we can win without him.

Incidentally, which players are out of contract in the summer, and how have our board let it get this far??

The lack of Benson does make a huge difference, as any ball into the box is a goalscoring chance, but Guy in particular is doing a good job in his place today.

Regarding contracts, there are a number of players out in the summer, and going back to what Still said in the Recorder, there are a number who are looking to weigh up their options at the end of the year before committing.


In answer to Kingwilson's question, Strevens hasnt looked too threatening so far today, all the action is coming through strike partner Guy, and he could have opened the scoring with a little more luck!



Well, there was mopre action in those few minutes than the whole of the first half!

First, Talbot was put one-on-one only for Roberts to make a great save, and the rebound was put into the sidenetting.

Then, Roberts made a stunning save from Montrose, touching hit shot onto the bar and over, while at the other end - Guy hit the bar with a lob after he was put clean through.

Exciting stuff!

The emails have come flooding in now!

First, Jamey Barron writes

Hope not tempting fate, but things going okay throughout the League so far.

With a lot of the teams above us playing one another, it would be a great game to sneak 3 points, especially to end the bad run we've been on.

Come on Daggers, get a win however you can! I'll even take a dive for a penalty - it works often enough for Gerrard!

Then Kingwilson adds

Sounds a pretty dull game today. Hope the Daggers can nick a late winner. How's Strevens playing? He's not looked like scoring in many games lately so hope he can end that draught today!


Attendance has come through as 3,002 with 102 up from Daggers, not a bad away following from the visitors.

Not much has happened in this half to date, Taiwo making space for himself to fire a long ranger way off target, the only thing of note to mention.


Second half about to get underway then, and so far this shows no sign of the bad-tempered affair that saw two Spireites players sent off at Victoria Road earlier in the season.

They serve a nice piece of fruit cake in the press box here too, very enjoyable.


Good first half here for the Daggers and in my opinion, they are unlucky not to be ahead.

Theyre having the better of the play, without creating too many chances, apart from Guy's effort when clean through.

The hosts are struggling up front, with Lester and Gritton not in tune today and the fans seem to expect another long day from their side.


Precious little goalmouth action to bring you at the moment, and the home fans are getting more than annoyed with the officials for a number of what they perceive to be soft fouls.

Great bit of flair by Ritchie wins a corner, but from that the ball is comfortably hoofed clear.

Griffiths then tries an appalling backpass, thankfully Roberts has his wits about him and the danger is averted with a trusty right foot.



Windy conditions here sending an icy chill through everyone here, but Daggers still playing some decent stuff until Griffiths sends a ball straight out of play.

The front two are linking up well at the moment, and Ritchie is getting in some good positions, so there is some good signs for the small band of travelling fans tucked away in the corner.

Cracking tussle developing between Lester and Magnus by the way, which Magnus is coming out on top of, for the moment.



Still some good forays forward from both sides, as Gritton curled a shot wide for ths hosts, but Roberts was watching it all the way.

Best chance remains the Guy effort, which he really should have taken first time, but at least the youngster in front of me has stopped playing rock paper scissors now, it was starting to grate....

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Apologies for the delays from Saltergate, thats what you get when you dont have enough money for the carpark!

Anyway, onto matters on the pitch, good start from both sides here, Daggers unchanged from Tuesday nights win over Port Vale.

Jamie Guy is looking increasingly more confident upfront with a number of nice touches and shoot have put the visitors ahead from Loft's incisive pass.

After rounding the defender, his effort was blocked by the home keeper, but promising stuff from the Daggers so far.


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