Count down to Clapham

A COUPLE of years ago, rural Essex boys Joshua Harvey and Graeme Sinden (aka The Count & Sinden) set out to pay homage to UK garage . Their 2007 anthem, Beeper, which became a top 20 hit, immediately impressed garage fans and they ve since been credite

A COUPLE of years ago, "rural" Essex boys Joshua Harvey and Graeme Sinden (aka The Count & Sinden) set out to "pay homage to UK garage".

Their 2007 anthem, Beeper, which became a top 20 hit, immediately impressed garage fans and they've since been credited with pioneering the new ghetto bass genre.

Booked to play at Get Loaded in Clapham in August, we caught up with this busy pair.

To the Count (Joshua, 29, from Maldon):

Your remix of Lush for Get Loaded headliners Orbital is rather special... how did that come about?

I was asked to choose a track by the brothers and I chose Lush. I really thought I could do something good with it. I thought it was a whole album of remixes but it's just me and Tom Middleton on the actual double CD, remix wise... so I was well chuffed!

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What's the Tree and Leaf remix title all about?

Dunno really. I suppose Orbital remind me of the countryside in Essex when I was a kid listening to their first albums. Lush just made me think of green like trees and leaves. That's it really!

The Count, Herve, Count of Monte Cristal, Voodoo Chilli, Action Man, Dead Soul Brothers, Speaker Junk, Young Lovers are all guises you use. What is your favourite one?

Herve is my favourite because that's me; all the others are just an extension of that.

Earlier this year you released the Ghetto Bass compilation to large acclaim. Is that an accurate description of your sound right now?

Yeah, that's kind of why I made that title - because I wanted to describe where the music comes from and what it sounds like as much as I could, without going into some boring speech about being eclectic or calling it electro house or some other ghastly inaccurate name.

What have you been working on lately?

Finishing The Count & Sinden album, sorting out my T-shirt label, Machines Don't Care 2, compiling a Cheap Thrills compilation and, setting up Deeper Thrills, the Less Heavy label I'm working on. I like all kinds of music so this will help express that. There will be bits and bobs out under my various names. I'm also recording a Herve album, which will be out next year.

Which artists are you loving at the moment?

Jack Beats, Skream and High Rankin. Seiji (ex Bugs in the Attic) is doing some cool, heavy, broken beat, funk stuff, which I will hopefully be releasing and Trevor Loveys has just signed exclusively to the label and he has some great bits coming out, too.

To Sinden (Graeme , 25, from Hockley):

You're a long-standing resident at Fabric in Farringdon with your Get Familiar party. How's that going?

It's still a wicked buzz after more than two years. It's great because I get to bring in all my favourite DJs and artists that I love without compromise.

Were you pleased with the Fabric CD you put out?

Definitely. I was really proud of the way I managed to tie in all these crazy, disparate sounds on to one disc without too much wild genre hopping.

Which artists are you really into at the moment?

Too many to mention. I love what The Dream & Tricky Stewart are doing with R&B . When it comes to hip-hop, I'm a massive Gucci Mane fan. Dubstep is really exciting right now, too.

You host your own Kiss show. When is it on and what's the deal?

It's on every week from 1am - 2am on a Wednesday night/Thursday morning and it's just me playing all the new fresh music that I love. I get free reign with the content so I just run riot - anything from weird world music to new guitar bands.