108 arrests relating to 2011 riots in Barking and Dagenham

Looting in Barking

Looting in Barking - Credit: Archant

Police have made 108 arrests in relation to disorder during the riots in Barking and Dagenham in the last two years.

Between August 6 and 10 in 2011, thousands of people rioted in several London boroughs and other cities across England.

In Barking, looters raided shops, smashed windows and set cars alight, costing businesses thousands of pounds.

Dagenham Heathway also became the focal point for about 100 rioters but they were dispersed by police.

Footage of Malaysian student, Mohammed Haziq, being mugged in broad daylight in Queen’s Road, Barking, became one of the most shocking incidents of the riots.

It was revealed today that there are 20 fewer PCSOs (police community support officers) in Barking and Dagenham today than there were on the eve of the August 2011 riots.

However the official Met Police figures, released by Tottenham MP David Lammy, show that there are an extra 13 police officers in the borough.

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Across the capital there are 2,500 fewer police officers and PCSOs today than this time two years ago.

Mr Lammy said: “Those five days in August showed how little it can take to stretch our police force to the limit. But rather than learn the lessons from two years ago where many Londoners were left to fend for themselves, the strength of the Met has been decimated even further.”

Over the course of those days, over 100 commercial buildings were damaged and 174 households were made homeless.

The total cost of the criminal damage in London is estimated to be above £300million and the additional costs of policing, court cases and lost trade means the final bill of the riots has been estimated to exceed half a billion pounds.