7/7 inquest to probe Tavistock Square bombing

THE inquest into the 7/7 attacks will resume tomorrow, focusing on Tavistock Square bomb blast which killed 13 people in an act of “mindless savagery”.

Ex-Barking Abbey student Shahara Islam, 20, and 50-year-old Gladys Wundowa, a mum-of-two of Salcombe Drive, Chadwell Heath, died in the double-decker explosion.

Shahara’s dad Shamsul, a Barking bus driver, had to wait five days for the death to be confirmed.

Gladys’s husband, Emmanuel, found out his wife had died through a news outlet before a formal announcement.

An preliminary hearing on Monday ruled that three witnesses able to provide background information on the bombers could be granted anonymity. They are not members of the security services.