‘Apologetic’ Dagenham pub vandal spared punishment

Edmundus Barkauskas smashed two windows of The Roundhouse pub in Dagenham

Edmundus Barkauskas smashed two windows of The Roundhouse pub in Dagenham - Credit: Archant

An apologetic vandal who smashed two pub windows walked away from court yesterday without punishment – after convincing the owners that he was sorry.

Edmundus Barkauskas, 35, told Redbridge Magistrates’ Court that he hasn’t drunk alcohol since he caused £500 worth of damage to the Roundhouse Pub in Lodge Avenue, Dagenham.

He was found kicking the doors of the pub by police officers after breaking the windows on February 22.

“He had been out for a friend’s birthday and had way too much to drink,” said Mrs Wyatt, defending him. “He acted out-of-character.”

Barkauskas, of Hedingham Road, Dagenham, pleaded guilty to criminal damage and possession of cocaine and said he and his “disappointed” partner were shocked by his binge-induced actions because they were so unlike him.

The court heard that he immediately paid the pub’s owners £600 to repair the damage.

A letter was read to the court from the owners stating their satisfaction with this agreement and their decision not to pursue any further legal action.

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Mrs Wyatt asked Magistrate Gary Lucie to consider an absolute discharge relating to the act of criminal damage based on the defendant’s generally good character and the remorse shown by his immediate amends.

Mrs McCarthy, prosecuting, said the legal advice Barkauskas was given by police upon his arrest was “lacking” as he was told the best thing to do would be to give no comment.

She agreed that the defendant was of otherwise good character and said he had always worked hard, citing his car repair business, TT Motors, as evidence of this.

Magistrate Gary Lucie acknowledged Barkauskas’s remorse and good character in his sentencing.

“I’m prepared to deal with you by way of an absolute discharge,” he said. “You’ve had a lucky day. Off you go.”

The cocaine possession charge will be dealt with at a later date.