Banned breed returned to its Dagenham owner

Pit bull Skitz was seized by police

Pit bull Skitz was seized by police - Credit: Archant

A pitbull dog, seized due to being a banned breed, was returned to its owner after police decided it was not a danger to the public.

The animal, called Skitz, was found at an address in Heath ward, Dagenham, while officers were looking into another matter.

They suspected it could be a pitbull and removed the dog from the home so it could be examined by experts. Checks revealed it was indeed a pitbull.

Although pitbulls are banned in the UK police can allow owners to keep the animals if it is believed they are not a danger to the public.

In this case Wildlife officer Sgt Ian Lee carried out a review of the home, dog and owner and came to the conclusion that Skitz was not a threat. The animal was returned.

Sgt Lee said: “Despite this being a banned breed of dog there were no complaints from local people concerning its behaviour and I had no reason to suspect that the owner was irresponsible.

He said the dog was housed “at a secure property with high, strong fences”.

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The owner, who became very distressed when told Skitz could be put down, explained she had bought the dog believing it was a cross between a staffordshire bull terrier and a doberman.

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